Tours:  Katherine opens her garden to groups by appointment, including the Garden Conservancy, Pacific Horticulture Society, The Ruth Bancroft Garden, San Diego Horticultural Society, and native plant classes from Merritt College. She has led garden and natural history tours to Croatia, Cuba, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Sicily, and Spain; sponsored by Pacific Horticulture Society,

Talks:  Katherine gives presentations about California native plants, Mediterranean-climate gardens, and Spanish influence on California gardens. She was a speaker at the Growing Natives Symposium (2011, co-sponsored by the California Native Plant Society, Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, and Pacific Horticulture Society); a Garden Conservancy seminar (2010), a Mediterranean Garden Society Symposium in Athens, Greece (2007);  and Jornadas de Jardinería Contemporánea in Málaga, Spain (2002). She has also given talks at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, the Royal Botanic Garden in Madrid, the San Francisco Garden Show, and a number of garden clubs. Katherine has also organized classes about California native plants for the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley.

Workshops:  Katherine offers a series of native plant workshops for small groups in her garden. The program includes an informal presentation with time for discussion and a walk through the garden to see a selection of plants from California’s major plant communities. Participants receive a packet with information about design, planting, and resources for gardening with native plants. Katherine has organized workshops for the California Native Plant Society, Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Orinda Garden Club, and Portola Valley Ranch.


“You have a world-class native garden.” Saxon Holt, garden photographer.

“Your garden is lovely – I especially liked your philosophy of allowing wildlife to thrive there.”

Jean Hittel, Calgary Botanic Garden.

“Your talk and the living illustrations of your principles were inspirational.” Orinda Garden Club.



For more information about garden design services, tours, or lectures please contact:

925.283.4322 or
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